How to print out all available terminal colors. And other useful Linux tricks.

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This one-liner will print out all available terminal colors for your chosen Linux terminal application. This is very useful for creating a colorful bash prompt and the user wishes to know which color codes will work and look good in the terminal.

for x in {0..8}; do for i in {30..37}; do for a in {40..47}; do echo -ne "\e[$x;$i;$a""m\\\e[$x;$i;$a""m\e[0;37;40m "; done; echo; done; done; echo ""

Also, there is the colortest package for Ubuntu and Linux Mint/Debian.

This will print colors to the terminal. Install the package.

sudo apt install colortest

Then run it to see the available colors.

[email protected]:~$ colortest-16b

This will print all of the color codes for 16 color display.

There is also a command that will print all colors for a 256 color range.

[email protected]:~$ colortest-256

These commands will really help creating a bash script with colored output, and it is desirable to see what the colors look like before using them in your script.

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