How to encode a section of a movie to a webm file with mpv.

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To encode a section of a movie file to a high-quality webm file, use this simple addon for mpv.

Firstly run this command to create a directory to put the lua script.

mkdir -p ~/.config/mpv/scripts

Then download the required script to the directory we created.

wget -O ~/.config/mpv/scripts/webm.lua

Once this is done, load a movie and press Shift-w to display an OSD interface that displays the keyboard shortcuts to capture a section of a movie to a webm file.

Webm capture OSD.
Webm capture OSD.

Just press 1 to set the start time of the webm and then quickly press 2 to set the end point and e to encode the file. It is as easy as that.

This is an example of the webm quality I got with this simple addon script. This is a great way to capture a section of a video as a webm file to share online.

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