How I fixed an external hard drive that was not cleanly unmounted in Windows.

Posted: July 11, 2017. At: 7:52 PM. This was 3 months ago. Post ID: 10935
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To access an external hard disk drive that was attached to a Windows machine that was not properly shut down, and you cannot mount it in Windows, plug it into a Linux box. There are useful NTFS utilities on GNU/Linux that can fix this issue. I used this on Gentoo.

ntfsfix -d /dev/sdb1

This fixed the issue with the external hard disk drive and it was read straight away on Windows. I could not even see it at all in Windows with Disk Management as Administrator. Very strange behavior. A user should expect Windows to be able to see all hardware, but no. I could see all Linux partitions that are EXT4, but not a bugged NTFS partition? But this is how I fixed it anyway. The ntfsfix utility should be a part of the ntfs-3g package, and any modern system would already have this installed.

More information about the ntfsfix command on Linux.

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