Evolution of the computer desktop through history. Where are we going?

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Some nice screenshots of various desktop environments from a few different operating systems

They look very nice too. I wish they could be available on Linux. That would be great.

SGI IRIX Operating System.
SGI IRIX Operating System.

The screenshot above shows the SGI IRIX operating system. This desktop looks just like FVWM and would be a nice fast desktop indeed. This could be replicated on Linux easily by creating a FVWM theme, and some scripting.

Linux Mint MATE desktop.
Linux Mint MATE desktop. This is the modern type of desktop that is mostly deployed on a modern Linux distribution.

The modern type of Linux desktop is usually the Windows styled MATE configuration pictured above. This is easy for new users and easy to customize. Makes the desktop easily approachable and non-confrontational. I like this, as there are thousands of themes available and wallpapers.

The NextStep desktop environment.
The NextStep desktop environment. This is where the look of Windowmaker came from.

The NextStep desktop environment is the father of the Windowmaker window manager for Linux and UNIX. This is where that look came from. There are icons that can be stickied to the side of the screen to launch your most-used applications and a very nice and clean look to the whole interface. The first ever web-server was hosted on a Next machine. And also the first ever web browser.

Classic Amiga workbench desktop.
Classic Amiga workbench desktop. This is a very good looking operating system indeed.

Above is the Amiga Workbench desktop, this is a very clean and easy to use desktop environment, with easy to understand menus and lovely icons on the desktop for various programs and  tasks.

Another shot of Amiga Workbench.
Another shot of Amiga Workbench. This I think is an earlier version.

This is another screenshot of the Amiga workbench. This is an older version, but still has a nice and easy to understand desktop.

Contrast these elegant desktop environments above with the abomination below. Is this too overstated and colorful?

Windows 8 Modern UI start screen.
Windows 8 Modern UI start screen. Way too colorful for my tastes.

This is way too garish and fluorescent. This is like a kid`s Fisher Price toy. Rather like the bright colored Windows XP desktop theme. But with giant icons like the computer interface in Idiocracy. The ability to have live icons is OK, but I hate this interface. The Windows 7 start menu makes more sense. Not the Windows 10 start menu with giant icons in it.

KDE 2.2.2 desktop.
KDE 2.2.2 desktop. This is actually a useable and simple desktop with a nice start menu. Not Windows 8 Metro trash.

The screenshot above, shows a nice KDE 2.2 desktop. Now that is something that you actually want to use.

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