Elevator spotted running GNU/Linux Ubuntu Unity desktop.

Posted: March 7, 2016. At: 1:00 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 8770
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This elevator screen is showing an Ubuntu Unity desktop environment.
This elevator screen is showing an Ubuntu Unity desktop environment.

This photograph shows an elevator display screen that is displaying an Ubuntu Unity desktop environment with the updates manager prompting for updates to be installed. This is strange, this is not necessarily the most reliable desktop environment and running this on a computer in an elevator seems like a very dumb idea. But whoever designed this is certainly not well versed in Linux. Why not run a more minimal window manager and/or a minimal embedded Linux distribution. Is this supposed to show the position of the elevator? This apparently is not a touch screen. A lot of modern elevators in businesses play videos in them, sometimes advertisements for the businesses in the building for tour groups or just useful daily info like weather/news headlines. That is what this could be. But it needs to be configured before deployment. Possibly by running this in a KVM or VMware virtual machine to test it before installing it on the final device. It seems that there was a media player on the computer streaming media and when it finished, it showed the desktop again. Why not leave the stream player open, using a web browser to connect to a streaming media server and then this would display the player the whole time.

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