E17 desktop available for the Debian Testing repository.

Posted: March 23, 2012. At: 5:02 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2976
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The enlightenment E17 desktop window manager is now available for the Debian testing distribution, now all of those complex steps that were formerly required to install this window manager are a thing of the past. I have installed the enlightened window manager as it is a nice complement to the Debian testing distribution. I used sudo apt-get install e17 after adding the Debian testing repositories and running sudo apt-get update. The Debian testing distribution with the Lxde desktop installed is so much faster than the Ubuntu distribution, every part of the Debian distribution is so polished compared to the two major distributions that dominate the Linux desktop world. I have installed kernel 3.2 and Gnome Shell, but that seems to be having problems at the moment and is not working. I tried reinstalling, the packages, gnome-shell-common and the gnome-shell packages, but the problem persists. I will install some updates and fix this problem soon though. I had Windows 7 installed on the hard drive that I used for Debian 6.0, but deleting the partitions and installing Debian over that was no problem at all. Debian Testing does not blue screen when the login screen appears like Windows 7. Debian is named after the founders Debra and Ian, this is a free and open distribution that is good quality and founded on the desire to use stable and free software.

I was thinking of installing FreeBSD, but I needed hardware support and Debian was the best choice for a perfect and fast Linux distribution that will be a very fast and useful desktop Linux. The Gnome Shell desktop is not such a disaster like the Windows 8 Metro interface, which is hated by the common computer users that are shown the interface on a desktop machine. You can bring back the start menu in Windows 8 with third party add-ons, but this should not be necessary with a modern desktop operating system, they have gone crazy. They are even mandating the Metro interface for Enterprise applications. How is this interface going to be taken seriously, how can you use the Metro interface on multiple monitors, using Exchange software and Outlook with such a stupid interface that looks like a toy. This should have stayed on a mobile telephone instead of moving to the desktop. The Windows 2000 interface was just fine, why did they have to change it? Even with Windows 7 you could revert it to a Windows 2000 look, but with Windows 8 Consumer Preview they have removed the Windows Classic theme and only offered the Windows 7 Basic theme instead, which does make the interface a bit faster. The Debian Squeeze Lxde desktop is many times faster than a Windows desktop and has far more security and reliability than Microsoft software ever had.

When I first used Linux, the Gnome desktop was quite different to the Gnome Shell and Gnome fall-back desktops that we use these days, the Red Hat 9 Linux desktop had a Windows styled desktop with the single panel on the bottom of the screen and a nice theme called Bluecurve. The Fedora desktop these days uses the Gnome Shell desktop by default, but you could use any other desktop window manager you wished, even Larswm or Fluxbox. Running Openbox and Tint2 is a good fast desktop, but I am happy enough with Lxde. When I boot up my Debian installation, it loads to a virtual console instead of LightDM, I am perfectly happy with that, the lovely init scripts Debian uses result in a very fast boot up and a usable system in no time. With PHPMyAdmin I have performed a search and replace on my database, the blog had some references to my old blog in the comments field and I have fixed that. And I have performed some SEO tweaks to the blog settings regarding the indexation by search engines and I hope this will help with performance in the search engine rankings. Do not forget to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade after installation of a Debian distribution to make sure that the repositories and packages are up to date. Especially after adding the testing or unstable repositories to the /etc/apt/sources.lst file.

I installed Debian 6.0 from the 4.3 GiB DVD I had laying around, when you are installing the Debian distribution this, way the software updates may be installed during the installation process saving some time later, I only had to install a heap of updates due to the fact I added the testing repository to my Debian installation. And my installation was to a 120GiB SATA2 drive connected via eSATA and it worked perfectly, the Windows 8 Customer Preview would not work like this, I do not know why the Windows 8 Preview does not support this, but it shows that Linux does win on the desktop after all. Windows 7 worked over eSATA but Windows 8 does not, what a load of Lovecraftian Eldritch horror. Something from the blackest pit; darkest spawn of Shub Niggurath. I just borrowed a HP Lovecraft book from the library, sadly not the Necronomicon, but a book of horror stories by Lovecraft, I look forward to reading that and having nice dreams afterward  :). I am a big fan of horror and the best horror stories are by HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, everyone should read the Pit and the Pendulum once in their life as well as his other works. Modern horror movies are not scary due to the over the top horror & gore they contain. True psychological horror is hard to create but very effective if done correctly. Books are better than movies at evoking a worthwhile story and characters whose adventures you actually care about.

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I have on my Ubuntu system a lot of window managers, like: Gnome-Shell, Unity, Unity 2D, Fluxbox, Openbox, Cinnamon, E17 but what I like the most are Openbox (which I use it right now) and E17. E17 has a lot of potential and (almost) everyone who use it say that it a great WM.

The E17 window manager is a great desktop environment. it evolved from the old E16 WM and it is a great looking window manager.

Thanks for your comment, please come again!

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