Witcher 2 coming to Linux. This is great news for Linux gaming.

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This is great news for Linux gaming fans. The Witcher 2 is coming to Linux. This game is currently at beta status, but it will make an appearance on Linux gaming machines quite soon. The future of Linux gaming looks very bright when games such as this are making an appearance on a free desktop operating system that offers more speed than Windows. We just need better ATI graphics drivers to power our games. That will be the key to better takeup of Linux gaming. Another way is to have KVM virtualisation, that allows a person with two graphics cards to turn off one of them and dedicate one of them to the Windows VM and allowing a Linux user to play fullscreen games on Windows but on a Linux desktop in a window. That is very cool. But native Linux games are the best thing to have for the Linux community. Read more: http://steamdb.info/sub/40356/. Here is a list of all Linux games on the Steam website. These are games that are either working or have signs of impending Linux support. Doom has been working on Linux for a long time and now there is Doom3 and Quake3 for Linux gamers. But with the growing list of Linux games that are available, the future is looking bright.

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