Windows 7 lookalike KDE themes. How to make Linux look like Vista or Windows 7.

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Some awesome Windows 7 styled KDE themes. Make the KDE desktop look like Windows.

These themes for your Linux desktop will make it look like a Windows 7 desktop. This is cool if you wish to have a pretend Windows desktop on Linux. This is one very good color theme for KDE that makes it look as close to Windows 7 as the author was capable.

This Plymouth theme adds a boot screen that will fool onlookers into thinking you are booting Windows 7 when in actuality you are loading a KDE desktop! This workspace appearance theme will give you a nice Windows 7 styled taskbar. This is awesome. Fixed download link here: 85 Megabytes.

There is a transformation theme here for Linux that makes it look like Windows 7: Windows 7 transformation pack, but since this is a torrent file with no one seeding this it is pointless trying to download this. But it does look promising, maybe the author will get a clue someday and offer a direct link.

This Vista icon theme I have uploaded to my webspace gives a true Windows Vista look to your KDE 4.8 installation.

Just download this file, then open System Settings & Application Appearance then navigate to the icon theme section and import the Vista.tar.gz file and it will be configured for you. With the Windows 7 styled taskbar theme that you can install for KDE, this makes it quite convincing. So check out these themes and see what you think.

Windows 10 Cinnamon theme.

I have found a nice Cinnamon theme that will emulate the look of Windows 10 on a Linux desktop.

This way, the user can have a pretend Windows 10 desktop on a Linux box.

Windows 10 transformation pack for the Linux Gnome desktop.

This will make your desktop look like Windows 10.

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