Wikileaks Vault 7 treasure trove released.

Posted: March 10, 2017. At: 11:20 AM. This was 10 months ago. Post ID: 10333
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Smile for the Samsung camera.
Smile for the Samsung camera.

The massive treasure trove of spying tools from the CIA has been released by the CIA. This contains many tools and documents that involve Samsung Smart TV devices, Android and Apple iPads. Nothing is safe it seems.

The key for the archive is.


This is the MD5 hash.


Get this while you can, there is a lot of very useful information in here concerning Samsung Smart Televisions, Android phones, and the Apple iPad. Nothing is really safe it seems. But people are just thinking that if I am not doing anything wrong, I do not need to worry. But you do. Linux is affected, but in this posting, this is addressed: The open-source nature of Linux means that these vulnerabilities would be found and corrected by the people who administer the open-source projects, such as the Linux kernel. It is mostly Windows machines that are targeted, along with Samsung TV`s and phones. The majority of users use Windows boxes and iPhones, so they are good targets.

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