WIFI Radar application, a good WIFI scanner application for Linux.

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WIFI Radar Wireless scanner application.
WIFI Radar Wireless scanner application.

This application in the screenshot is the WIFI Radar application for Linux, this is a wireless scanning application that is useful for walking around a building and monitoring the WIFI signal strength in real-time. When doing a Wireless site survey with a Linux laptop, this application will perform that task admirably.

Install the software with this command.

john@debian-mint ~ $ sudo apt-get install wifi-radar

And then use this command to run it.

john@debian-mint ~ $ sudo /usr/sbin/wifi-radar

You need superuser privileges to run this program as it is in the /usr/sbin directory. And make sure you disconnect from any Wireless networks before using this program for proper functionality. This application makes a wireless site survey very easy indeed. This is good for testing a new wireless network deployment and seeing how far the network extends outside the building and what the QOS is of the wireless Access Points you have installed. A wireless network is a very good thing to have in a building, the students or employees can access the Internet and network resources with mobile devices. This makes the network easier to use; but you need to make sure that the coverage of the network is sufficient for everyone. This application for Linux makes this job easy.

Sample Wireless Site Survey here.


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