When will ignorance end? Is this the future of the world with our education system?

Posted: November 27, 2012. At: 11:33 AM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4908
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Utter stupidity. This person really believes this.
Utter stupidity. This person really believes this.

This person really believes that the Commodore 64 is the oldest computer that ever existed and does not know about the Collossus; and the ENIAC. They had workable computers in the 1950`s; these were able to perform quite useful calculations. The computer that was placed in the Voyager 1 probe in the 1970s used magnetic core memory; this enabled the probe to withstand the hard radiation of space and perform its duties safely. The ENIAC computer was built in 1946 and was used to calculate artillery tables. This is a computer that existed long before the Commodore 64 computer was even thought of. And the iPod in the picture is a 2nd gen 10 Gigabyte iPod and not the first one made. But the generation that is coming up needs to learn more about computing history. And how to use reverse image search to lookup images and find out what they are. I have only used an iPod once or twice; but I prefer to listen to music using my phone and storing music on an SD card; then you may access the contents with any Linux machine and not be tied to iTunes.

For music playback on a Linux machine with a nice Winamp interface; I recommend the Audacious music player. This application comes with a lot of plugins and supports just about every music format you can throw at it. Type: sudo apt-get install audacious audacious-plugins to install the best music playing application for Linux. By the way; the Commodore 64 PC came out in 1982; this was way after the ENIAC and Colossus computers had paved the way for this computer to take off in the home computing market. The Xerox Star computer system had a mouse and keyboard interface in 1981; that was quite an achievement for the time. And there was a demo of video-conferencing and the computer mouse in 1968. So computing technology has been evolving for a long time indeed.

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