What will become of the NBN plan once the new Liberal government gets going?

Posted: September 9, 2013. At: 12:25 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6231
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Super fast Internet download.
Super fast Internet download.

This image shows what the Internet could be like if we had a proper National Broadband Network in Australia. But we are still stuck with the retarded Internet that we have had for a long time. This is giving us 10 megabits per second speeds. But we should have faster speeds than this by now; we have the technology to implement super fast fibre connections that could give us gigabit Ethernet speeds to houses. But the government are wasting the money on other things. The Tony Abbot backed government might not be the best leadership for our beleaguered nation, he comes off as more of a conservative and might not be as interested in the need for improved infrastructure, but I hope that someday a National Broadband Network is a reality and Australia can actually compete with other nations that already have much faster broadband. They will have an advantage in terms of the ability to use a VPN  and online backup of very large files without having to worry about the limited bandwidth available to users of ADSL+2 Internet speeds. Australia is ranked in 41st in the world for Internet speed. That is not a good look. We need a much faster speed to be able to make the most of modern innovations such as cloud based operating systems such as Windows 10 and Office 365. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/494116/20130724/australia-south-korea-internet.htm.

Speedtest results.
Speedtest results.

Cloud based backup services as well as transferring files will be much slower in the future with their increasing sizes if we do not get a worthwhile broadband infrastructure to support increasing data usage in business and home use. Businesses want to be able to upload their files to cloud based services and this is painfully slow if you have only a 10 megabit connection. Cloud backup solutions such as that offered by Rackspace allow businesses with enough bandwidth to upload their data securely and store it in an encrypted storage space. Our Internet speeds are currently 4.7 megabits per second on average. This puts us far behind other developed nations. Here is a posting that explains this further: http://www.cnet.com.au/australias-average-internet-speed-now-4-7mbps-339344963.htm. The labor government promised to give us a National Broadband Network if they were elected; now it seems we might not get it after all. Why not just deliver the NBN anyway? That would put Australia on more of a level footing with other countries and allow us to use better video conferencing for education and business to improve the nation as a whole.

The government that delivers a proper infrastructure upgrade for this nation will be the one that is voted back in. But Tony Abbot only got in due to the horrible performance of the Labor government over the years. Their dreadful mismanagement of funds and the many scandals have made them the poisoned chalice in the eyes of the public. Australia is slipping behind other countries with failing infrastructure and jobs going overseas. We need a proper leader that actually cares about the nation and not just Twitter postings and stupid stunts to appease the young voters. This nation is slipping into idiocracy and there seems to be nothing much that we can do about it. According to this recording of the Triple J program ‘Hack’, the proposed Internet filter will be an opt-out system that will allow parents to control what their children view on their smartphones and tablets. But if parents took a more proactive role in monitoring what their children view on the Internet and installed software that was able to filter inappropriate content then there would not be such a problem. You can use filtering software such as Dansguardian for Linux that allows you to filter your home Internet to protect younger users from unwanted content.

Download it here: http://dansguardian.org/?page=download. You can deploy your own Internet filter this way.

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