What the insides of the new 5K iMac look like.

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The new 5K iMac looks very simplistic when you take the screen out. There is one hard disk drive and one cooling fan that takes hot air away from the CPU. The main selling point of the new iMac is the 5K screen, not the Darwin UNIX based OSX operating system or the ease of use of the GUI. This is the first iMac to sport a Retina display, which in this case means a staggering 5120 x 2880 resolution. That is a lot when you are planning to use this machine for Photoshop and other creative tasks, you could fit a large image on your screen and have plenty of space for the toolbars and tool palettes. This display has 14.7 million pixels on the screen, this is very intensive, but the machine has a new TCON that has an effective bandwidth of 40Gbps, this keeps all of the pixels on the screen updating very quickly. So for those of you that like Macintosh computers, this is the one for you.

Guts of the new 5K iMac.
Guts of the new 5K iMac.

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