Violent computer games blamed for gun massacres in America. Not the prescription of psychotropic drugs?

Posted: January 23, 2013. At: 12:56 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5234
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Dual wielding pistols in Unreal.
Dual wielding pistols in Unreal.

Once again the old meme of violent video games has been dragged out of it`s crypt and blamed once again for any acts of violence that happen to take place in modern America. Sure there are record numbers of prescriptions of psychotropic drugs that are being given to people to help them with mental illnesses. Video games are an easy scapegoat when the killings have happened. But there are many other societal problems that are the cause of many of these shootings. Here is another link that puts forward the same argument. Computer games are violent sometimes; but there are other games like racing and adventure that do not always revolve around splattering people or monsters with a rocket launcher or annihilating them with a BFG. So they are not all violent. Banning violent video games will not address the root causes of violent behavior in modern culture. Alcohol is the cause of many acts of violence in Australia and yet they are not asking to ban the sale and ownership of alcoholic drinks at all.

Doom, the classic first person shooter blamed for the Columbine shooting.
Doom, the classic first person shooter blamed for the Columbine shooting.

Video games like Call of Duty and Halo Reach are fun games that are a good stress reliever; I love playing Unreal Tournament 2004. That is a fun game where you can even drive tanks and blow up other players with an 88mm shell from a very long distance. Violent video games are very good for relieving stress after a long day; torturing NPC`s or pushing one of your AI teammates off a tall cliff is all a bit of good fun. Or using cheats in Unreal to summon in a heap of monsters and getting them to fight each other. If games like this are banned then what would happen? This of course is what would happen; we would have games of dancing and cards and hot dog eating. And a video game of the Commando movie without any actual violence? Does he rescue his daughter with a Nerf baseball bat? There are always calls to ban violent games after a shooting; but they are not the root cause of the violence in the first place. This has been going on since the Columbine shooting. There was a class action lawsuit put forward by the parents of the slain children against ID Software; the makers of the popular Doom computer game. But this did not succeed: As I said before; there are many other problems to take care of in America before the culture of violence in the Homeland will end.

And there are violent drug gangs in Mexico that are terrorising communities and they do not play computer games to become violent. The culture of drugs and the dominance of the gangs over the police in Mexico city is what leads to dead bodies hanging under bridges and commonplace killings in the besieged city. But with the American government supplying the Mexican cartels with guns including .50 Barret sniper rifles that can penetrate and destroy an armoured personnel carrier; it is not surprising that the country is so violent. So violent video games are not causing harm compared to drugs and alcohol. Not to forget the anti-depressant drugs and the other medication that can cause violent behavior. That is what needs to be investigated.

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That is quite an extreme reaction; but some games are quite violent. That said, guns and drugs are causing far more harm than a gamer in their room.

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