Very useful info-graphic showing the many sockets and connections on your computer and their names.

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The hardware sockets and connections info-graphic.
The hardware sockets and connections info-graphic.

This info-graphic is a comprehensive guide to the many sockets and connections that modern computers use. There are CPU sockets pictured all the way from the oldest 8088 machines up to the Core 2 DUO and the Celeron M processors as well as various hard drive connectors. This is a good image to print out and laminate for reference. 2160 * 3060 pixels resolution. This is very easy to read.

Here is the source link for this image:

CPU sockets from the 80386 to the latest socket 939 are listed, as well as the Motorola 68030. Power connection and peripheral sockets are also listed. PCIe to ISA. This is a very useful chart to have on hand when you are looking at an unfamiliar computer.

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