Very nice Linux commands. These are most useful for a desktop user.

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Get a nice urxvt windows with a fixed font and lovely colors.

urxvt -fn "fixed" +sr +st -fg "#FFFFFF" -bg "#000033" -bd "#302c64" \
-ip +sb -title "*-Home-${HOME}-Shell-${SHELL}-Display-${DISPLAY}*" \
-tint DarkSlateGrey -fade 50 -fadecolor red

Put a nice real time updating digital clock on your desktop.

xclock -update 1 -digital -strftime "%H:%M:%S-%A-%d-%b" &

Put a nice analogue clock on your desktop.

oclock -minute DarkSlateGrey -hour DarkOrange -fg DarkViolet -bg SlateGrey -jewel LightSteelBlue

Print the date in a notification bubble.

notify-send "`date`"

The notify-send command would be very useful in a script. This would pop up a notification when the script has successfully completed and given some output.

The xkbvleds command is a utility that will display some green boxes that will light up when a keyboard key such as Num Lock or scroll lock is engaged.

Another way to print a notification when a script has completed.

xmessage "Hello, you script is done. Check the directory for some output."

Print the date in an xmessage dialog.

xmessage "`date`"

Read text from the clipboard and print it to the terminal.

xclip -selection clipboard -o ; echo ; echo

Use this command to install this utility.

sudo apt install xclip

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