Very creepy advertisement from 1979. Is this prophetic or what?

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1979 Pakistani Airlines ad. This shows the twin towers.
1979 Pakistani Airlines ad. This shows the twin towers with an airliner bearing down on the buildings…

This old Pakistani Airlines advertisement from 1979 shows the World Trade Centre towers and an airliner bearing down upon the buildings. Considering the events of September 11, this is shocking to see. Did someone back then know about the impending attacks that long ago? This was printed in Le Point, a French weekly news magazine. But 33 years ago? I guess that with some kind of time viewing equipment someone could have had advance knowledge of the attacks and put the information in the advertisement to try and get the word out. That is the only explanation for the presque vu shown here. But this could also be just a coincidence. I just wanted to show this image as it is quite strange that someone would make this in 1979 and have the 2001 attacks predicted perfectly. But that is advertising for you, 22 years before 9/11 they create an advertisement in a magazine that shows the attack as it happened exactly. What is going on here? This is not the only strange thing that I have found. This image to the right.

Huge objects in the rings of Saturn.
Huge objects in the rings of Saturn.

Large objects orbiting in the rings of Saturn. These objects compared to the planet would have to be immense. Are they huge alien space stations? What else could they be. There are strange sightings on the Moon of unknown buildings and other anomalies. It is possible that an alien civilisation could have set up a base on the Moon, this would mean that a future Moon mission could run into some interesting sights. There is a scan of a French newspaper that showcased this photograph. One of the objects is said to be 50,000 kilometers in length, since the Earth is 12,700 kilometers in diameter, this means that the object is seriously large indeed. The actual Infrared photograph taken by the Hubble telescope is real, but I wish I could get a better look at the huge cigar shaped objects. The artists impression in the newspaper is good though. Space is enormous and the fact is that there are many alien civilisations out in the thousands or millions of solar systems that are scattered around our galaxy and they could have visited our solar system and set up shop. Another explanation for this image is that the moon Janus was orbiting Saturn during the long exposure taken by Hubble and this caused the exposure to streak.

It is a strange image though. If you discount the exposure streaking explanation, then any other valid explanation, however improbable is probably the proper explanation. We might find out soon enough whether this image is real or not. I want to see UFO disclosure or alien visitation in my lifetime. That would be incredible. As long as they are friendly and not secretly evil like the aliens in the television series V.

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