Useful tips for a programmer on a Macintosh machine. Install GCC.

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How to install the GCC compiler for Macintosh programming on a Macintosh Air.

This simple command will install the GCC compiler collection and the make command on a Macintosh. This enables programming console apps on a Macintosh machine. These instructions are for Macintosh OSX Sierra. May not be the same on an older Macintosh machine. But give it a try anyway. Either this or the Software Center.

Johns-MacBook-Air:Documents jason$ sudo xcode-select --install

Then write a simple c program.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define hi "Mr Anderson"
int main(void) {
	printf("Hello %s\n\n",hi);
	return 0;

And then compile it with GCC.

Johns-MacBook-Air:Documents jason$ gcc intro.c -Wall -o intro

And we are programming on a Macintosh in no time.

Johns-MacBook-Air:Documents jason$ ./intro 
Hello Mr Anderson

This is how easy it is to install the GCC compiler collection on a Mac.

To get a nice VIM programming environment, use this .vimrc file I created. This will make the code colorful and make the editor more fun to use.

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