Useful Linux tips for the desktop.

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This command will capture a screenshot of the desktop and save it to the home directory.

[email protected]:~$ import -window root "$HOME/$(date '+%y%m%d_%T').png"

This is how to do this with the scrot utility.

[email protected]:~$ scrot Desktop-%H:%M:%S-%d-%m.jpg
Realplayer. This was cool in the 90s...
Realplayer. This was cool in the 90s…

Characters preceded by a ‘%’ are interpreted by strftime(2). See man strftime for examples. These options may be used to refer to the current date and time. This enables saving a date-stamped screenshot of your desktop.

Get some awesome GTK and MATE themes for your Linux Mint desktop. These themes will make any Linux desktop look incredible.

Disable icons on your Linux Mint MATE desktop easily with this simple utility. The MATE tweak Tool enables any MATE desktop user to disable desktop icons and clean up their desktop.

How to change the background color of the MATE terminal in Linux Mint or Debian. This is another very good tip.

Make the MATE desktop look like Windows XP.

Take a screenshot of a remote machine`s desktop over SSH with this simple tip.

Useful Linux shell commands for the desktop user.

Disable the Caps Lock key in the Linux Mint 18 desktop. This is very useful if you have no need for the annoying Caps Lock key.

Use the rsync command to copy files from one Linux machine to another.

Use the ls directory listing command with colored output.

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