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Encom UNIX sh prompt.
Encom UNIX sh prompt. Some very useful and attractive themes and wallpapers for Linux Mint MATE and other desktops. How to install a Windows 7 Basic styled theme for the MATE desktop. how to install a Windows 8 Metacity theme for the Gnome and MATE desktops. This one is really good. how to disable the display of desktop icons on the Linux Mint MATE desktop. Using the Configuration Editor.

Download the mate-themes-master zipfile containing the BlackMATE theme: The BlackMATE theme is one of the new themes available for the MATE 1.6 release.

How to remove the ATI “unsupported hardware” watermark in Linux Mint 15:

Ubuntu 12.10 is very slow in Virtualbox, here is how to make it a little better: This is how to install the Virtualbox Guest Additions to speed it up a bit.

Using the usermod command on Linux to modify user accounts:

Using the xrdp application to allow users to connect to a Linux machine via Windows remote desktop: This works well and is a very easy way to administer a Linux machine remotely.

Some awesome themes for the GDM login manager that are also very good for the MDM MATE login manager:

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