Useful Linux ideas and tips. Print graphical notifications from a shell script.

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To print a graphical notification from a shell script, insert this code.

notify-send "Match Found!"

This will pop up a notification on your desktop, this will alert you to the fact that your shell script has done something.

Make your computer talk. This will speak whatever you type as text.

[email protected]:~$ espeak "I am sorry Dave, I am afraid I cannot do that."

Play Youtube videos the slimline way. The mpv media player can play Youtube links directly. Just give mpv the Youtube URL and it will open.


Find all non-free Linux packages that are installed on your Linux system.

vrms() {
    dpkg-query -W -f '${Section}/${Package}\n' \
        | grep -E '^(contrib|multiverse|non-free|partner|restricted)/' \
        | sort

This works very well indeed.

[email protected]:~$ vrms 

This script will play a Youtube video URL that is in the clipboard.

notify-send -u low -t 1 'Loading...'
mpv $(xclip -selection clipboard -o)
[ "$?" ] || notify-send 'Error Found...'

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