Use the netdiscover command to find hosts on your local LAN.

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The netdiscover utility will list all connected hosts on your local LAN. This is useful for scanning a network and determining which hosts are online.

I used this command to scan an IP range starting with

[email protected]:~$ sudo netdiscover -r
Currently scanning: Finished!   |   Screen View: Unique Hosts
 17 Captured ARP Req/Rep packets, from 9 hosts.   Total size: 966
   IP            At MAC Address      Count  Len   MAC Vendor                   
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------     d0:67:e5:fa:1c:d4    05    300   Unknown vendor    d0:67:e5:f2:e1:ff    02    120   Unknown vendor    d0:67:e5:f2:e1:f9    01    060   Unknown vendor    d0:67:e5:f2:e1:fd    01    060   Unknown vendor    d0:67:e5:f2:e1:fb    01    060   Unknown vendor    00:1d:7d:13:41:ea    03    180   GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.    68:a3:c4:21:ad:5f    02    084   Unknown vendor    f4:f1:e1:7a:9d:7b    01    042   Unknown vendor   50:3d:e5:09:f1:01    01    060   Unknown vendor

This is a good way to find other hosts and to check if the WIFI network you are using has user isolation on or not… Good if you wish to capture other users packets. Or Wireshark could be used to find other hosts. But give this a try and see how you go with this.

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