US giving wireless energy transmission technology to the United Nations.

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Area 51 alien? Looks like a grey for sure.
Area 51 alien? Looks like a grey for sure.

The US government has given wireless energy transfer technology to the United Nations for use in a sustainable technology project. The wireless transfer of energy is not new, Nikola Tesla developed the Tesla Coil, a transformer that steps up a voltage, for example 70,000 volts to 15,000,000 volts, without the iron core that conventional transformers that we would typically see in a substation that convert the 300,000 volt transmission voltage down to a usable voltage for businesses and homes. If one Tesla coil was operating and another tuned to the same frequency was nearby, then the other Tesla Coil, that was not connected to a power supply would resonate in sympathy with the powered coil and sprout a crown of sparks as well. This is the principle of wireless transmission of energy. It is strange that we are still using the same technology for transmitting power across the country as we have used since electricity was discovered. Why are we not using the esoteric Tesla technology instead?

In the United Kingdom, there is already technology for charging an electric car merely by parking in the appropriate spot and the integrated charging pad in the car receives electricity from a charging pad in the ground. And there is that new technology that allows a mobile telephone to be charged by placing it on a pad and waiting as it charges. If you could transfer energy over a long enough distance, Solar panels could be constructed in Earth orbit and they could transmit the collected energy down to the planet. Other methods of doing this have proposed using Microwave beams to transmit the energy, but wireless energy transmission could achieve this with less effort, other than the initial construction. There is solar and wind energy that we are using on the ground, but these technologies can not replace the amount of energy we get from burning coal. Humanity needs to develop technology like wireless energy transmission to transfer electricity with greater efficiency, we especially need to generate electricity using a less polluting method than coal.

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