Universal archive unpacker script for Linux. Easily unpack any archive with the terminal.

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The unp script for Linux is a script that will detect what the archive is and call the appropriate program to handle it. This is a very useful script for the command line user. In the example below I am unpacking a zip file.

jason@eyjafjallajkull:~/Downloads$ unp northwind.sql_.zip 
Archive:  northwind.sql_.zip
  inflating: northwind.sql

if the required programs are not installed, you will get this helpful error. This will tell you which packages to install to proceed.

jason@eyjafjallajkull:~/Downloads$ unp fallujah1_2.7z 
Error, following packages must be installed in order to proceed:
p7zip or p7zip-full

But, this is a very powerful script and well worth installing to take care of any strange archive format that you encounter on the Internet.

Type sudo apt-get install unp to install this useful script.

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