UNIGINE engine shows how good PC graphics can look; this is a massive open area simulated in a computer.

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This is what the UNIGINE engine looks like right now, http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/UNIGINE-Shows-How-Beutiful-Linux-Games-Could-Look-Like-with-Its-Latest-Update-2.jpg.

The UNIGINE demo is showing us what the future of PC graphics will look like. This will be a future of massive open areas and amazing graphical quality with wide open areas emulated in a computer. This demo has graphical quality that would amaze computer users in the year 2000 for sure. Will be ever see a game where you can walk around in a 50 km square area with no loading screens between areas and shoot an enemy a mile away with a sniper rifle. In Far Cry 2, you can shoot someone a mile away and this works well, but you cannot walk around in the entire game world at once. If you could do this it would be incredible. As long as there are plenty of vehicles around to drive on the roads, a game world that big would be perfectly acceptable. The game world shown in this screen shot I have provided shows a mountainous area with many pine trees and a grass filled valley. This would make a very good setting for an FPS game. The mountains would be a good place to hide snipers. But such a large gaming world is only good if you can drive around instead of walking everywhere. In Far Cry 2, you can always hijack an assault truck and drive that around. If it is damaged beyond repair, you just grab another one. That is the beauty of a game that has so many NPC characters in the game world. The fact that they respawn after a certain period does not really annoy me that much, it keeps the game from getting boring. The only annoying part are the guys with the mortar. They can fire at you when you are on top of a huge hill in dense tree cover. Maybe they are using targeting satellites or something. But that is usually around the MS Pipeline area.

Here is another awesome screenshot of this amazing game engine: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Unigine-Engine-Gets-Huge-Update-Now-Supports-Panoramas-and-Fisheye-Projections-2.jpg.

Getting back to the UNIGINE engine though, this is quite demanding on lower specced computers, but if you had a machine that could handle this, it would be a very good looking game engine. The ability to have such incredible graphics for a computer simulation that you can walk around in is something else indeed. This game: http://flying-cafe.com/en/#/main/ is a game that is made using the UNIGINE engine, this is an interesting first person quest game. Cradle looks to be an interesting game and using this awesome engine it will have outstanding visual quality. Here is a screenshot of an outdoor scene: http://flying-cafe.com/en/images/scr_cradle_01.jpg. This screenshot shows a tent like structure and strange looking electricity towers. A close up of the electricity towers: http://flying-cafe.com/en/images/scr_cradle_03.jpg. Strange looking structures indeed. If this is the future of PC gaming graphics, then sign me up for a trial of this game. I love it already. There is a comprehensive list of games and demos made with the UNIGINE game engine: http://unigine.com/products/unigine/showcase/. A final screenshot, this shows a tropical scene made with this engine, this is truly stunning water effects.

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