Ubuntu 13.10 an unstable and hopelessly useless mess. What the hell is going on?

Posted: October 19, 2013. At: 2:55 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6451
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Ubuntu 13.10 is a buggy and hopeless mess. Why it sucks so much.

I have been trying out the Ubuntu 13.10 distribution on my PC and I have been experiencing so many bugs it is not funny. The Network Manager program is not working and there are so many error pop-ups on the desktop with packages that do not work at all. This is beyond a joke. Windows 8.1 works flawlessly in comparison. Why are Canonical allowed to release such a horrendously buggy product? I cannot believe that this Ubuntu distribution used to be quite good; and now it is buggy beyond belief. This bug is quite common on the Ubuntu 13.10 release and this release needs to be fixed pronto. No one is going to use this heap of crap if it is not fixed soon. I am very angry that this poor excuse for a Linux distribution seemed to work very well initially and now it is throwing up errors all of the time. What an absolute waste of bandwidth downloading this crap. Better to use Fedora 19 instead. Another annoying bug in 13.10 is the fact that when I configured dual monitors using the EXACT configuration I used for Fedora; the monitors would be the wrong way around and I would have to load the AMD Catalyst Control Centre to fix it.

That should not happen in 2013; it works perfectly with Fedora; why not with Ubuntu? I was not using Wayland or anything. But Linux Mint or Fedora will be better choices in the future. Linux Mint if you wish to play your multimedia content and enjoy music and Fedora if you want to use Xen virtualization or other server tasks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is another good choice. But it uses even older packages than Debian Stable. I use Debian 7.1 on my laptop. I am very happy with that. But Canonical need to get their act together. I will use Fedora in the future instead of Ubuntu. Canonical`s distribution is far too unstable. Definitely not ready for the mainstream at all. Get a real Linux distribution: http://www.linuxmint.com/. I tried to fix the Ubuntu installation using a chroot. This is the error message that I got: http://www.securitronlinux.com/bejiitaswrath/ubuntu-13-10-does-not-even-work-properly-when-you-use-a-chroot-to-attempt-to-fix-it/. The chroot technique for logging into a Linux installation does work well with Gentoo and Linux Mint; but not well with Ubuntu 13.10.

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Ubuntu is not “crap”. Ubuntu needs to improve and fix all of those bugs it will be just perfect! Ubuntu is the best Linux distribution and it will remain being the best Linux distribution. Try Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and you’ll see!

Well; Ubuntu 14.10 is very good, I have used that and it is excellent. Give it a try. They have fixed the issues with the operating system in that release as well as 14.04.

after many years of use Ubuntu Kubuntu not like it anymore its unstable not good anymore

I like ZORIN OS ITS GREAT much Better and stable !!!!!!! its my main os now

Ubuntu really is non usable at the moment (13.10). I had to uninstall it because I became to frustrating with the lottery I had to play every time I booted the computer. There was at least a 25% fail rate where the login screen got stuck. Ubuntu’s Apport spam should noted as badware by Google’s blacklist ( I understand that it can be muted — but common really is that a solution? )

What’s worse is that people use the argument that its ‘free’ and therefore naturally prone to more bugs than a commercial product — or users should be at least more understanding. Unfortunately for Ubuntu most successful and popular open source projects are not plagued with the constant issues and design mess Ubuntu has.

Also its ugly as sin.

Maybe because I am not using a LTS version… but that should not even matter. I will give 14.04 a try and see how that goes but GTFO 13.10.

Linux Mint is the best? Sorry. I don’t understand what you undertand by the word “best”.

yes ,ubuntu 13.10 is not working properly ,crashes sometime ,besides i have experienced a lots of problems such as
1. unable to find network printer or widows printer via samba ,i have to downdrade gnome panel from unity for this.
2.unable to install google chrome in 32 bit machine
3.very unstable programs ,often not opening ,bound to make restart
4.usb drives can’t be found like earliar versions
5.fax job is not easy like older versions through hplip fax driver
6.photo re-size option is not found form right click on desktop ,so it consumes more time to do this through gimp

i am going to install 12.04 or 12.10 in my 32 bit machine ,and according to me ubuntu 13.04 or 13.10 is just useless in comparison to 12.04 or 12.10 in 32 bit desktop ,which i used for my cyber cafe purpose

rakes prasad
owner of genext cyber cafe ,mollarpur

I am using Fedora 20 at the moment, it works perfectly with my hardware and I have had no problems with it at all. Canonical could learn from Fedora and create a better distribution if they tried harder.

I found this page by googling for “Ubuntu buggy” because I was wondering if other people were complaining in blog articles etcetera. I think I’ll have to stop using Ubuntu because of all bugs. It’s unusable. Amazing.

Some of the bugs are: Kubuntu frequently freezes forever when I launch applications. Ubuntu freezes forever when I do network-manager restart.

When I googled for “Ubuntu buggy”, Google suggested “Ubuntu buggy as hell”.

Ubuntu 13.10 is a train wreck. Ive tried to keep it running for sometime now and am finally giving up.13.04 was much more stable – strange how teams were pusing people to upgrade to 13.10 and it’s so awful. literally the worst linux experience ever. Not even beta or alpha level 13.10 is not ready for use at this point. Give up and go back to 13.04 or something like Mint 15 albeit i haven’t tried that yet. Anything is better than 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 is terrible ! There are so many bugs, small and big, that it should have been called “13.10 Sick Salamander”. It’s a real shame, and I do not think Canonical is wise to release such an obviously unfinished and unpolished product. It’s all mobile crap now, and they forget about their desktop user base (u know, the desktop with pointing device and keyboard, where Real Work gets done).

I bought a new mainboard/CPU and had to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 to get the newest kernel with the drivers I needed. I had been running good old rock solid 12.04 – love that release. But 13.10, as you say, is a mess! I haven’t used this buggy of an Ubuntu in many many years (I’ve used pretty much all of them). I sure hope they get this mess cleaned up by 14.04 or I’m switching to Mint.

Can’t agree more with the author. Unfortunately, I have landed on 13.10 right after 1 year in OSX environment. It was like a slap.

To be honest, I tried Debian 7.2, Fedora 19 and Ubuntu 13.10 – all were terrible in terms of usability, mainly due to gnome 3/unity. In Ubuntu, bugs are like a cherry on top of a cake.

Came back after some changes. I don’t want to make an unhonest comment.

After updating fedora 19 (500MB of updates) and doing some tweaking things got better. Gnome has more potential in a clean multi-desktop environment. Many (now mostly minor) complaints, but I hope to get used to it. Future will tell. However, in terms of logical feature arrangement Unity is a tragedy.

You know, Gnome, KDE and Unity are not the only desktop environments out there. Check out Cinnamon or Enlightenment…..then again, if you prefer a stable OS, Ubuntu certainly is not that. I’ve been using Arch Linux for quite some time, and even though it sometimes require some of the “ol Linux knowhow”, I’ve grown to love it.

I am only mentioning Ubuntu as it is supposed to be the “flagship” Linux and it is not always living up to that. But Arch is a good distribution though.

I upgraded from 13.04. After a few days I reinstalled 13.04 because the new one was so buggy.

The upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 destroyed so many things, that I had to do a fresh install. And even with a fresh install some things are not working correctly or crashing. For most of the things there are already bug reports, but the Ubuntu team seems to spend more time on removing useful features, than on fixing bugs. Maybe after they have removed 50% of the features they will have a super clean code base and finally start fixing the bugs 😀

I wish there was a way I could donate for fixing a specific bug.

Amen to that. Ubuntu is pure crap. Bugs are more and more often present. How is it possible?

Using Kubuntu 13.04 I pushed the wrong ‘update’ button to “must” update to K13.10 upon… Ubuntu 13.10, so after upgrade -like you described- no network to finish the upgrade… Noticing K13.10 was very agile, but also noticing bugs occurring when using System Settings, I switched to Mint KDE 15 “Oliva”, which I upgraded to KDE 4.11 (via the (K)Ubuntu PPA). That even made some difference: much more agility than under KDE 4.10, fairly stable (slightly less however than Kubuntu 13.04), but a very nice distribution that I can recommend. Since Unity I can’t use Ubuntu anymore in my production environment (writer/av/journalism). Either I use Mint (KDE) or Kubuntu allowing all modifications I need and like v.v. You are right in your article – I am stunned by the bugs that flawed KDE 4.11 on Ubuntu 13.10 (=Kubuntu). Not so with Mint 15 ‘Oliva’ coming with its Mate/’Ubuntu’ basis upon which a properly and smooth working KDE 4.10 sits. I have the self-upgraded 4.11 version smoothly running and leave this homebrewn “Mint 15 KDE-Plus” version for the time being.

Just spent 3 days on 13.10, and i can say categorically and unequivocally, its poor!
Been using it on my i5 laptop (HP Elitebook 8440p), and from 1st boot it kept displaying error messages for spurious items/modules that were crashing . More significant to me are the 48hrs wasted trying to configure name-based virtual hosts which worked a breeze under 13.04, but refuse to link to the document root I set in the configurations.

Anyway, I’m tired and irritated right now, and will perform a 5th wipe and re-install tomorrow (only it will be mint this time).


Yes; Linux Mint 15 is perfect for a desktop. I heartily recommend it to you. Just install the DVD edition and you will have the codecs ready to go out of the box. Good luck and have fun with Linux!

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