Tron Legacy UNIX commands revisited.

Posted: February 18, 2012. At: 9:39 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2755
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ps -ef command used in FreeBSD UNIX.
ps -ef command used in FreeBSD UNIX.
login -n root command used in FreeBSD UNIX. Does not seem to work.
login -n root command used in FreeBSD UNIX. Does not seem to work. As seen in this posting above, the Tron Legacy movie used computers with a variant of the Solaris UNIX operating system. The ps -ef command works in the FreeBSD UNIX distribution, you need to mount procfs with this command: mount -t procfs proc /proc this will enable the proc file-system. The login -n root command does not work as shown in the movie on FreeBSD, but the command login root does work, when executed as your normal user, you can switch to the root account with this command, just like using su. I am not sure what operating system the original computers in the Tron movie used, but the computers in the sequel were definitely running a Solaris UNIX operating system. This movie was not too bad at all, the new special effects were pretty good, but the light bike action was not the same as the original game which was on a flat grid, this was on an undulating field instead.

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If I could attach file I have screen shot from Tron as follows:
ps -ef|grep -1
17319 17308 81 17:3
18458 18456 0 18.0
kill -9 17319
son of bad guy typed this to stop young Quinn’s hack.

Yes, the ps-ef command outputs all running processes in standard syntax. Then he used the grep -1 parameter to filter the search for a certain string.

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