The OpenSUSE installer will not work with ATI graphics cards in graphical mode.

Posted: April 17, 2013. At: 9:10 AM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5604
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The OpenSUSE 12.3 distribution I have downloaded does not seem to work with my ATI hardware very well at all. I used the nomodeset parameter on the boot screen and it still refuses to load the graphical interface. Even though the Linux Mint 14 and Ubuntu 13.04 Gnome distributions work perfectly well with this parameter on my computer. But I really want to try this distribution out. If I could get the distribution installed with the text-mode installer that would be good but it hung on the searching for Linux distributions part and I could not use that either. Maybe I could try and install from a Live CD version instead and then install a desktop of my choice. But Linux Mint 14 works perfectly at the moment and I see no need to change. Is OpenSUSE only tested on Nvidia cards and it leaves ATI users out in the cold? From my experiments with the SUSE Studio system; the fglrx drivers are available in the repositories for SUSE, this means that is best to slipstream the drivers into the distribution using SUSE Studio website and then download a CD ISO image to burn and then install from. That is what I might try and do.

There is more information about this problem here: This is a serious problem; as you would expect to be able to use a fallback graphical mode when you issue the nomodeset parameter to the installer. That is how it is supposed to work anyway. it does not seem to be very well tested in the wilds. Still, Linux Mint 15 is coming out at the end of May 2013 and this will be an even better desktop operating system. So that will be something to mark on your calendar. Hopefully Gnome Shell 3.8 will be included as well as the next version of KDE and MATE. The newest version of KDE is version 4.10, this brings many improvements to the desktop and should be included in Linux Mint 15. I wonder if they will add support for spanning one wallpaper across multiple screens. At the moment, the best thing to do is split the image up into parts with the GNU Image Manipulation Program and then add those as separate wallpapers to each screen. But that is how the Plasma workspace works at the moment. No big deal though. The only bug I found with KDE 4.9 on Mint is that when I awoke my computer from suspend mode I entered my password at the lock screen and it would not accept it. I had to click the switch user button and then get to a login screen. I could then press Ctrl->Alt-F2 and then login at the virtual console. I then typed sudo service gdm3 stop and shut down the graphical interface. After restarting it I was able to login and load the desktop again.

That is the only annoying bug with KDE though and it should be fixed in the 4.10 release. There are some cool themes available for KDE; here is a nice selection.

Slim Glow:


Oxygen GTK:


Jeo themepack:

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