The Navy`s newest Destroyer is powered by Red Hat Linux.

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When the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) puts to sea later this year, it will be different from any other ship in the Navy’s fleet in many ways. The 3.5 Billion dollar ship is designed for stealth, survivability, and firepower, and it’s packed with advanced technology. At the heart of its operations is a virtual data center powered by off-the-shelf server hardware, various flavors of Linux, and over 6 million lines of software code. Perhaps it is appropriate that the first commanding officer of the Zumwalt will be Captain James Kirk (yes, that’s actually his name). But considering how heavily the ship leans on its computer networks, maybe they should look for a chief engineer named Vint Cerf. This is impressive; the Navy formerly relied on Windows to run their ships; but this is a first. A Navy vessel that uses Linux instead. Better for security and reliability than Windows. A Navy vessel with Captain Kirk leading operations? Do they not know that Captain Pike was the first? Anyway; this is good news for Linux; using a far more secure and reliable operating system is a good thing. The ship is armed with vertical launch missile tubes and 100 mm auto-loaders for offensive capabilities and a sloping hull that is angled inwards from the waterline.

That would serve a camouflage, radar signals striking the hull would be reflected away at a different angle; this would shield the ship from radar. All they need now is Ensign Sulu at the helm and this ship would be complete. The ship runs multiple partitioned networks that use the TCP and UDP protocols to communicate. Most of the on-board communications are handled using Voice Over Internet Protocol with the exception of emergency sound-powered phones for use when power is lost. The ship even has a wireless network! It is not stated what 802.11 protocol this uses; it might not be 802.11g with WEP but I hope they have good encryption and a very strong PSK on a WPA2 Enterprise secured network. Anything less is a failure of security. I wonder if the crew will use it for accessing Facebook and Twitter. But this is a very cool thing indeed; the Navy would be running their own proprietary software upon the open-source operating system; but this is not wrong; there is closed source software that is released for Linux but this can cause problems if the software cannot be recompiled on a newer system. But the military would be able to develop a stable configuration with the software that is required for the daily operations of the vessel and launching missiles.

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According to a report commissioned by the UK National Defence Association (UKNDA), unless the British military budget receives more funding, Britain will not be able to meet it’s commitments. Both our nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers look up for the chop, and if they go, our world power status will go with it. There looks to be no additional Type 45 destroyers to our current planned total of a puny six! According to the report, on current trends by 2020 our navy will be half it’s already shrunken size. The report goes on to say the Special relationship with America will have little credible meaning or value, and America may well look for a new first call ally. Britain may also be setting itself up for a possible major military defeat in the future, or similarly a backing down to an enemy’s demands. I suspect the politicians will take little notice of this reports warnings. your thoughts and views?

I’ve heard a lot about the possible use of a railgun. It can shoot further, more accurately, and with more deadly force than any other conventional weapon. But what are the specifics? How far can it fire, how much can it destroy, and so on?

The other question is, what’s the practicality of it? A 16lbs cannon on a Ticonderoga battleship can fire and reload in a matter of seconds, but how long does it take for the capacitors that power the railgun to recharge so it can fire again? And in addition, wouldn’t the ship need a massive power source to use such a weapon. What I’ve heard is that the Navy would put a railgun on the new Zumwaltz class destroyer, but I don’t know what power source those would have. As of now I think only a Nimitz class carrier with their 2 nuclear reactors could handle a railgun. but what are your thoughts?

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