The Hobbit movie was quite a different film from the book.

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I just saw the Hobbit film and I have to say that it is quite different from the book. But the fight scenes were awesome. When the Dwarves were describing their great battle in the past; the narration sounded like the voice in the film “300”. Then the scene in the mountain where they were fighting the Trolls reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But making a 2 hour and 50 minute film for only the first quarter of the story is a bit much.┬áStill; this is an awesome film and well worth the price of admission to see so much action and to see Imladris again. The story of the Necromancer is a good way to explain that Sauron is rising again and will soon consolidate his forces in Mordor to attempt to wipe out the race of man. There is some controversy over the changes in the film that deviate from the book; but this is not a total deal breaker. The next film will be very interesting; it will be a good exercise to read the book again and then see the film and see the changes.

The scene between Gollum and Bilbo was quite touching; he could have killed Gollum right there and prevented his evil; but he chose to show mercy instead. Even though Gollum later on would show treachery and evil, leading people to Shelobs lair to feed her. But ultimately it is his clumsiness that is his undoing in Orodruin. I wonder if the giant spider that was scuttling over Radagasts house was Sheblob? It is possible; or one of her kind. This movie series is promising to be a very entertaining series indeed. Despite the crimes committed against the book.

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