The government PRISM system monitoring all Internet traffic in America.

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The Obama administration have been caught in the PRISM spying scandal. This involves the National Security Agency spying on Americans using their text messages and Internet access records. Considering that the Google Chrome browser is sending information about your browsing history to Google, and the Patriot Act allows the United States government to monitor and imprison any Americans that get the attention of the government, the future of America looks to be a dystopian 1984 future with the two way telescreens in the Xbox One spying on you and sending video back to Microsoft. What else will they come up with in the war on terror? The Internet history of the average American is really worth that much to the government? The American government is dedicated to the dream of a future where the state can monitor and control everything that the people see. The implication is that they are the masters of the people and the general public have no say in this at all. In the book 1984, protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith, who is a member of the Outer Party who works for the Ministry of Truth, is tortured by the government until he agrees with the beliefs of the all powerful government. That could happen now.

The PRISM system gathers information from websites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Skype. This is used to gather a database on civilians that is used to determine if they are a threat to Big Brother or not. The government does gather information about civilians anyway, but this is the first time that the mass media are covering such a comprehensive government spying program. I thought that the terrorists were the enemy, but they are targeting the American public at large with massive data-mining operations that must involve the new NSA data centre. That would have enormous data storage capabilities. So I would be very careful what you say on Facebook in the future. if you mention bombs, Jihad, White House or C4, you might get on a watch list in the NSA servers. So what is the war on terror really about then? The use of VPN connections and the TOR browser might become more popular after this is truly enforced. The government does not have the right to spy on all Internet users, they deserve some privacy when they are using the Internet. A government is elected by the people and they are supposed to act in the best interests of the public. They are not doing this in the case of the PRISM project.

Here is a video that gives somewhat of an explanation on how the PRISM system works for monitoring Internet traffic. The slide I have uploaded also gives a bit of information about the PRISM spy system and the websites that are data-mined to get information about United States civilians.

How the PRISM system works.
How the PRISM system works.

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