The Cinnamon desktop versus Windows 8 Metro and MATE.

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Gnome Shell with a single bottom panel.
Gnome Shell with a single bottom panel.

The MATE desktop for the Linux Mint distribution is an awesome desktop for your everyday Linux needs, but I am finding that the Cinnamon Gnome-Shell port is another nice desktop option. The Mint menu used with the MATE desktop does not seem to be accessible with the Windows key, the Cinnamon menu on the other hand is easily accessible with a tap of the Windows key you type the command you want e.g ‘kate’ and the text editor will open right away. The Kate editor may be connected to a MySQL database allowing you to execute queries and the output will be displayed below the text area. That is very cool. Editing long segments of SQL code with the Kate editor with auto completion is very tolerable. The Mint menu needs improvement but at least the Cinnamon desktop is a good alternative, you can use Gnome-Shell if you wish but the Cinnamon source fork is something to behold with some beautiful themes to style your desktop to the max. The familiar Windows 7 styled taskbar and menu that it offers is better than the Unity and Metro desktops that force you to use something alien.

The Windows 9 desktop might not even have the Windows 7 styled taskbar minus the Windows 7 Start Menu that Windows 8 famously debuted, it might just be the Metro interface and that is it. Surely Linux will keep some sanity and will not go down that road anytime soon. The users have many disparate needs and do not want to use a stupid tablet interface on a desktop machine anytime soon. That is the realm of the Apple iPad and the Google Android operating systems. The funny thing about Apple is that they are creating a mobile phone with a touch screen, rectangular form factor and they are suing anyone else who dares create a mobile telephone with the same design. That is anti-competitiveness in the extreme. Why can they not get along and cooperate with Samsung? Surely the Samsung company are not taking away that many sales from Apple? Or are they? The screenshot at the top of the page shows the Gnome Shell desktop mocked up with extensions to resemble the Cinnamon layout, that is cool, but the Cinnamon desktop is my favourite right now. I could not get it working before, but I deleted my Gnome configuration folders from my /home folder and I started from scratch.

A better Linux desktop, the old Ubuntu 8.04. This was fast.
A better Linux desktop, the old Ubuntu 8.04. This was fast.

The keystone of a usable and successful computer system is a worthwhile interface, the desktop with icons on it and a mouse to click things has been around since 1981, the Xerox Star computer system was the first with a proper GUI interface. DOS was originally created by International Business Machines Company and it was bought by Microsoft who used it to create MSDOS. They have not really developed many original ideas to found their company. But that is the reality of their business, they just purchase other ideas and make them their own. And by the way; the default window border theme in the Windows 8 desktop is as ugly as sin, the Windows 2000 interface was simple and elegant, who would have thought they would create something so ugly. KDE 4.8.3 and Cinnamon have some far more attractive themes to style your desktop. The old Ubuntu 8.04 desktop was a very nice interface, the two panels and the easy to use start menu was perfectly usable then Unity came out; I have tried to like it but then Cinnamon & MATE competed for my favour and that was that.

This perl script is an old piece of code that will create a Windows version text string. I am sure someone might find this useful.


use warnings;

@t = localtime(time());

$yr = ($t[5] + 1900) -1;
$sr = int(( $t [4]/4) + 1);
$v = int("$t[7]$t[2]$t[1]$t[0]"*((rand(rand(10) + 1 ))));

print "Win$yr\\SR$sr . $v\n";

This is the output you get.

[[email protected] Documents]$ perl 
Win2011\SR3 . 20357605

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