The best Linux Mint themes and wallpapers.

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  1. Some very nice themes for the Linux desktop
  2. Icon themes
  3. Metacity themes
  4. Nice wallpapers for your Linux desktop

Some very nice themes for the Linux desktop

Oxygen transparent KDE 4.0 theme.

Uniq KDE 4.0 theme.

Elegant Gnome pack. GTK 2.0 pack.

Vertex theme pack. GTK 3.0 pack.

CinnXP Luna theme. Make your Gnome/MATE desktop look like Windows XP.

GTK 3.0 White theme. A GTK theme that looks like the OSX Aqua theme.

Mintyfresh Cinnamon-theme 0.3: A lovely green Cinnamon theme.

Malys Inversio:

Ambiance Chrunchy: This is the Ambiance theme for your Linux desktop. This is for Openbox as well as Unity and Gnome Shell.

Lucidity 3.0 beta: The lovely Lucidity theme for a Gnome desktop.

Icon themes

Vibrancy colors.

Evolvere Icon theme v1.1.9.1.

Faenza v1.3.1.

Metacity themes

Fitts 0.3:

Windows 8.1 Modern UI metacity theme:

Win95 1.0: A Windows `95 metacity theme:

Blended 1.6:

Nice wallpapers for your Linux desktop

Gorgeous wallpaper, giant stone crags jutting through the clouds:

Giant nebula in deep space:

Soldiers in space suits in a drop ship:

Beautiful rolling hills wallpaper:

Giant thunderclouds over a farmhouse:

Debian swirl wallpaper:×1080.

Glacier wallpaper:

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