Stupidity is rampant in America right now, the teaching of Creationism must stop.

Posted: August 15, 2012. At: 11:21 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4433
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There is a great amount of stupidity and ignorance that is seemingly the norm right now. Forgetting the fact that the Universe is 13.7 billion years old and was formed by the explosion of a super-compressed block of matter, the super-heated plasma of elementary particles that were expelled outwards faster than the speed of light forming eventually stars and nebula. The super-hot stars that existed soon after the big bang formed Carbon in their cores at temperatures of 200,000,000 degrees Celsius; this is why they say that we are made of star stuff, it is actually nuclear waste that we are based on. But I do not write that in a negative way, it is amazing that we exist, if the conditions in our Universe as far as physics go were slightly different we would not exist at all. That is amazing. The Universe has so many awesome sights that we should be exploring.

Surface of Pluto. -230 degrees Celsius.

The Magnetars are amazing objects with their magnetic field so powerful that if you flew into it in a space suit your body would be disintegrated by the magnetic field alone, even leaving out the 1000,000,000,000 g gravity on the surface. At least some people in the United States are not obsessed with “Swag” and “Big Brother” and even “Jersey Shore“. This is a sign that we are slipping into an Idiocracy. But the Universe is older than 6000 years, that religious dogma has held society back for centuries and it is time that we moved away from this deterioration of our education system and the people who post things like this on the Internet. Another cool sight in the Universe that a space probe will soon be visiting is the dwarf planetoid Pluto, this planetoid has a surface temperature of -230 degrees Celsius and only has a thin Methane atmosphere that clings tenuously to the tiny sphere.

The New Horizons probe is within one Billion miles of the tiny frigid world and it will reveal more about the distant world than we could have imagined before. Science is incredible, we can learn more and more about our Universe and this will assist humanity as a whole.

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