Strange windows cd burning experience.

Posted: December 18, 2017. At: 12:52 PM. This was 1 month ago. Post ID: 11610
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I was burning a DVD ISO image of Debian 9 to a disc in Windows 8.1. This completed successfully, and the disk was burned and finalized with no errors. But then I discovered the disk was a pre-burned CD with an old copy of Ubuntu Server 14.04 on it. So why did it try and burn, and then say it was successful? Very strange Windows occurrence. This would not happen on Debian would it? Windows is very buggy and has unusual bugs sometimes. Debian 9 works better, this is a very suitable desktop operating system for any user who does not want to use Windows, and needs a free and stable OS. But getting it burnt with the buggy Windows tools can be a pain. I have never had this happen before, burning to an already burned disc. And it was a CD instead of a DVD and would not have had space free. This is the strangest thing ever. But Windows has many bugs in it. That is why Linux is better than Windows.

There is also the annoying bug where there are files waiting to be burnt on a disc, and you can not find them. Have a look in this directory.

cd %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn

This contains folders named “Temporary Burn Folder”. Just open them and delete the contents and this will be fixed. Simple fix to an aggravating problem.

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