Strange spherical UFO flies over the Brazillian protests and is filmed on a mobile phone camera!

Posted: June 20, 2013. At: 11:43 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5844
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This is a strange UFO that was spotted over Brazil. This strange object seems to be a spherical shape and is moving rather too quickly to be a helicopter with a searchlight or a balloon blown around in the wind. What the heck is this strange object? There are many unidentified objects that are spotted all of the time by reputable people with no reason to make up a story about seeing a UFO. This could be a strange type of drone keeping an eye on the protests in Brazil or some other kind of unidentified flying objects that have been seen on Earth since antiquity. Ancient cultures have all had legends concerning beings from other planets that have visited the Earth and surveyed humanity and watched our evolution. The movie Prometheus spoke about this at great length. But we are seeing here an object that moves unlike any current technology that we possess and does not seem to have any markings. It is hard to make this out in the video though. Could this be the descendants of the Engineers that have come to Earth to see how their science experiment turned out?

This could just be a government experiment in advanced technology, who knows what the government skunkworks have now. They had the B2 stealth bomber and the F117 ages ago, how far has technology progressed since then? This is a real mystery.


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