Strange sphere feeding off the Sun. A true mystery of science.

Posted: March 15, 2012. At: 1:05 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2927
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Strange sphere in the Sun`s corona.
Strange sphere in the Sun`s corona.

This strange sphere the approximate size of the planet Jupiter, about 142,984 Kilometers in diameter is sucking material from the chromosphere of the Sun whilst managing to maintain its position against the massive gravity of the Sun. Which is 1,470,000 Kilometers in diameter. I am sure the video I took this still shot from is real, there seem to be two of the massive objects that are milking the Sun of some material which by the way would be 6000 degrees Celsius, making this quite an interesting puzzle for the astronomers and other science people that would have to analyze this and tell us what the heck is going on. NASA might have some idea about what is going on, but they have not said anything satisfactory yet. I am sure there could be alien civilizations that could build spacecraft the size of planets. There is a recorded instance, actually two instances where a Venus sized sphere was sighted near the Sun, this was orbiting for a while then it disappeared for a while, returned then left for good. Was this a giant spacecraft that housed thousands of alien crewmen and women that were studying the cosmos and looking at our Sun? This topic deserves to be seriously studied, there is something going on and we need to understand that these aliens would not be interested in harvesting our blood or killing us, they are just explorers.

If this is a natural object, it would have been vaporized by the aforementioned temperature of the Suns corona. So this is a mystery worthy of Commander Data’s Sherlock Holmes alter ego. If I had a spacecraft that could withstand the temperature and other conditions, then I would head to the Sun as well, imagine colonizing Mercury, which is doable, you would live in the poles, there are bound to be craters that are always in shadow and would offer shelter for a small colony. Although it would still be a hostile place to live. But the polar regions offer the most realistic opportunity for colonizing the tiny planet. Sure, space travel is a far away dream the way civilization is going at the moment with rampant stupidity in the form of organized religion that is against birth control leaving the Earth to wallow under exponential population growth. These aliens that are living in space feeding off stars would not be bothered so much by massive population, they would have the whole of space to live and breed, the availability of ready food sources would regulate the population. I hope that this object is an alien life-form, but what sort of life could survive the temperatures near the Sun?

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The sighting I mentioned that involved a large sphere near the Sun was in May 20, 1740. An object a third the size of Venus was sighted near Venus. Another sighting in 1759. Then again on the 3,4,7 and the 11th of March 1761. There was also a sighting on the 10,11 and 12 of February 1761. This large object was also sighted on March 15, 28 and 29 of the same year. The last sighting was on January 3, 1768 then it vanished for a whole century! In 1886 it was sighted once again and again on August 13, 1892, before disappearing once again. The mass of the object was 1/7th that of the planet Mercury, it was orbiting the Sun in 19 days and it was named Vulcan. A mystery from the past and it has something to do with this latest sighting near the Sun.

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