Strange object photographed in the Martian sky. Is this a UFO?

Posted: July 21, 2014. At: 9:03 PM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 7554
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Strange object in the Martian sky.
Strange object in the Martian sky.

This is a strange object photographed in the Martian sky. Could this be a photographic anomaly or is it an Unidentified Flying Object. Someone might know what this is but I am not sure. Make up your own mind about this strange object. The high resolution version of this image was here; but now it is gone. This is the only working link at the time of writing: This is an intriguing image, I wish I could get ahold of the full-resolution images, but NASA have deleted them. As usual. Why do they keep covering up amazing discoveries like this? There are other related images on this page, the image with the strange object is the only one that is inaccessible. I wonder why that is.

Who knows what this could be; but the low resolution pictures are annoying.

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