Some very useful Gnome Shell extensions to make this desktop better for the advanced user.

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Funny Windows BSOD picture.
Funny Windows BSOD picture.

Advanced settings in UserMenu: Advanced Settings in UserMenu.

Frippery shut down menu: Frippery Shut Down Menu. Add a proper shutdown option to the user menu.

Dash to Dock: Dash to Dock. This gives you a lovely dock on the side of your screen. Just like in the Macintosh operating system interface. There are useful configuration settings to change the icon size and other features of the dash.

Remove Accessibility: Remove Accessibility. This removes the Accessibility icon in the top panel.

Frippery move clock: Frippery Move Clock. Move the clock to the left of the system tray.

Show desktop button: Show Desktop Button. Adds a button next to the window list to show the desktop; just like in Windows. If only Gnome Shell had Aero peek.

Frippery bottom panel: Frippery Bottom Panel.

Add a panel on the second monitor with a dual monitor setup: Multiple Monitor Panels. This is a good way to make a dual monitor setup look good in Gnome Shell.

Looking inside a cramped desktop machine. This is horrible.
Looking inside a cramped desktop machine. This is horrible.

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