Some useful tips for the Linux MATE desktop.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the Linux MATE desktop.

Ctrl-Shift-N. This is the shortcut that is used in the Caja file manager to create a new folder. The new folder will be highlighted to enable you to type a name.

Crtl-Alt-D. Hide all windows and show the desktop. Press this again to bring everything back.

Ctrl-Alt-L. Lock the screen.

Alt-F2. Show the run dialog to launch a program.

PrintSc. Take a screen-shot of the entire desktop.

Alt-PrintSc. Take a screen-shot of a single window.

Alt-F1 Show the main menu on the panel to select an application to load.

Alt-Space Open the window menu, i.e the same menu you get by right-clicking the title bar.

Ctrl Alt T Open a terminal window the easy way.

Use the MATE Tweak Tool to modify your desktop

The MATE Tweak Tool may be used to tweak various settings in your Linux Mint MATE desktop. This is useful for turning off desktop icons and changing themes.

MATE Keyboard Shortcuts.
MATE Keyboard Shortcuts.

In the image above I have defined a new shortcut that opens a new terminal when I press Win-T. The windows key has a use after all. You may use the System->Preferences-Keyboard Shortcuts utility to see the keyboard shortcuts and define new ones.

To add a shortcut to the panel, right-click a program icon in the MATE menu and select “Add to panel”. Or drag the icon to the panel.

Enable window snapping.

To have two windows open side by side, enable a simple setting to enable window snapping on the Linux Mint MATE desktop.

  • Go to Menu > Control Center > Personal
  • Click “Windows” to open up “Window Preferences”.
  • Tick “Enable side by side tiling” under the “Placement” tab.

The MATE desktop; just like the older Gnome 2.32 desktop that Ubuntu 8.10 used. Everything seems to work as you would expect. Apparently the MATE desktop may be installed in PC-BSD as well. So even UNIX users can enjoy this new port of Gnome.

How to remove the desktop icons on the Linux MATE desktop. This hides all of the icons; but this makes the desktop cleaner. Read the post here:

Some awesome GTK themes for the Linux Mint MATE desktop.

Lovely GTK themes for the Linux Mint MATE desktop. These themes are the best available for the Linux Mint MATE desktop. Get these and make your desktop look even better.

How to make the Linux Mint 14 MATE desktop look like Windows XP Luna. How to theme the Linux Mint MATE desktop to look like the Windows XP Luna theme.

How to install a lovely Windows 7 GTK theme on Linux Mint 14. Make your Linux Mint MATE desktop look like Windows 7.

Cool GTK and Metacity theme to make MATE look like CDE. Make your MATE desktop look like the UNIX CDE desktop environment.

Some more awesome themes for the MATE desktop

Here is a post with a collection of more awesome themes for the MATE desktop.

Windows 8 UI theme for MATE:

2 responses to “Some useful tips for the Linux MATE desktop.

I installed the mate desktop on my new 12.04 because unity was making my computer run like windows95 on dialup.

After I installed mate, everything is lightning fast when I use it, but it doubleed up on some applications, (time and date, users and groups, main menu, screensaver, calculator, screenshot, disk usage analyzer, and system monitor) They seem to be all system type apps, and was wondering why this hapenned and if I should remove them.


If maybe mate uses different versions of these and needed a different version, so I should leave them be?


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