Some useful Linux commands and tricks for the bash shell user.

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The boxes utility for Linux allows you to render an ascii text box around text. Below is an example.

homer@homer-eME730 19:14:21 ~ $ echo `echo "This is a sentence printed to the terminal."` | boxes
/* This is a sentence printed to the terminal. */

This is a useful utility if you want a text box around your message.

Here I am using sed to replace a word in the sentence printed to the terminal.

homer@homer-eME730 19:30:28 ~ $ echo `echo "This is a sentence printed to the terminal."` | sed 's/sentence/paragraph/gi;'
This is a paragraph printed to the terminal.

Print where you are in the dir tree with this command.

homer@homer-eME730 19:30:52 ~ $ echo $DIRSTACK

Or use pwd.

homer@homer-eME730 19:37:17 ~ $ pwd

How to print the directory tree to the preceding directory with the Linux command line.

homer@homer-eME730 19:39:41 ~/Documents $ echo ${OLDPWD}

And this is the environment variable that will print the value of pwd.

homer@homer-eME730 19:41:02 ~/Documents $ echo ${PWD}

More awesome Linux shell tricks:

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