Some of the nice artwork I have created for the Gnome 2 & MATE desktops.

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Flooded river in the evening light.
Flooded river in the evening light.

This is a photograph I took a while ago of a flooded river in the evening. The long exposure blurred out the water and gave a nice effect. This is my old Metacity theme I made in 2007, this uses some original graphics for the window buttons.

This wallpaper is the oldest one on my Gnome-look page, it is a nice wallpaper made with a photograph of giant gas pipes and a lot of work with the Gimp. It has been ages since I made a wallpaper with the Gimp like this, I really should create another nice artwork for the Linux desktop.

This wallpaper, the Night River artwork is another long exposure of a river in the evening. I like the flooded river photograph better, but this one is still worth linking to.

My dirty lagoon photograph I think is pretty nice indeed, it was taken during the day, but the light was still just the right colour for a nice capture.

And a city railway photograph is also nice for your desktop. This photograph has beautiful lighting:

Lastly, but not least, here is a lovely landscape photograph with more lovely lighting as it was taken late in the afternoon. Winter is a better time for taking photographs than the harsh light of Summer. If you are after more artistic wallpapers instead of photographs, then this website will really appeal to you. The Space Stations page has some incredible images.

The Space wallpapers website has a quality selection of space photography you may use as wallpaper.

And the nice Suse Linux 9.2 wallpapers are all available in this noarch RPM file. OpenSuse 9.2 had some very nice wallpapers and it is nice to be able to get hold of them.

GNU/Linux pipes wallpaper. Nice work with the Gimp.
GNU/Linux pipes wallpaper. Nice work with the Gimp.

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