Some news about the new Windows 10 preview. It does have many improvements.

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The new Windows 10 preview has just been released, since I have an MSDN account I have just downloaded this and installed it in VMware. My initial impressions are very positive, the CMD window now can be resized at will just like a Linux xterm window. This is the version of Windows you will see in CMD.


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.4.9841]

This is the new Windows 10 desktop. The new start menu is pretty good. You can right-click on the apps to unpin them from the start menu if you wish.

Windows 10 desktop.
Windows 10 desktop. The new start menu is pretty cool.

Powershell 5.0 is included for scripting and system management. The Powershell window may also be resized to any size; much better then the old system which dates back to Windows `95. Another good thing about this technical preview is that it comes pre-activated; so you do not need to bother typing in a Windows key. The return of a Windows 7 styled start menu is a very good thing, this is what we have been waiting for all this time. This might make everyone happy, I hated that the start screen took you away from the desktop when you wanted to open something unless you pinned it to the taskbar. The overall interface of Windows 10 is extremely fast and responsive even though I am using this in VMware.

The new Alt-Tab view in Windows 10.
The new Alt-Tab view in Windows 10.

The screenshot above shows the new task view screen, this is the Alt-Tab view in Windows 10. This also allows the user to add a virtual desktop to arrange their workspace, Linux and UNIX desktops have had this feature for decades, so it is time that Windows caught up. I hope users are not confused by this. I cannot work out how to get back to the Modern UI start screen, but that does not really matter, everything is in the main start menu anyway and that is what really matters. So give this a god and see what you think of this new Windows release.

Get a copy here:

Another good feature is the ability to set a transparent CMD window. This is part of the new experimental features for Windows.

transparent CMD window. This is an improvement.
transparent CMD window. This is an improvement.

Linux has had a feature available like this for quite a few years, now Microsoft has finally implemented it in Windows 10.

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