Some awesome wallpapers and random images for Linux that are very good on your desktop.

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Tron Legacy theme for Gnome Shell.
Tron Legacy theme for Gnome Shell.

The famous Bliss.bmp wallpaper for Windows XP in a super high resolution format:

A high resolution photograph of the space shuttle and an old Ipod that is visible through the window:

A stunning photograph of Monument valley Colorado:

This is the Burj Al Arab 5 star hotel in Saudi Arabia; this overlooks the Persian Gulf and offers the best hotel experience on the planet:×2560.jpg.

There are also many other useful images that are very suitable for your desktop. This one; an image of a giant tree that rises above the clouds like the Tree of Might in Dragonball Z is a rather unique image that is perfect for a personalised desktop:

This artisic masterpiece depicts old and crumbling buildings. This would make a lovely wallpaper image on your desktop:

On the topic of desktop themes, here is a link to a Gnome Shell Tron Legacy desktop theme that would be perfect for any Linux user and Tron fan: The Tron Legacy movie computers that used a version of the Sun Solaris UNIX operating system were very good indeed and the on-screen keyboard that was use to interface with the UNIX operating system was done very well indeed. There is more information about the Tron Legacy commands and systems here:

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