Some awesome Fluxbox themes for your Linux desktop.

Posted: June 25, 2014. At: 2:26 PM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 7455

Some gorgeous themes for Fluxbox that will make your Linux desktop look even better!

Java Fluxbox: A Solaris inspired Fluxbox theme.

Amiga inspired Fluxbox theme: This brings the look of the old Amiga desktops to Linux.

Squared LMDE:

MacFly: A Macintosh inspired theme for Fluxbox.

Debian Squeeze: This is a Debian Squeeze inspired theme for Fluxbox that is perfect for a user of the Debian Linux distribution.

Ambiance Crunchy: This theme inspired by the look of the Ambiance theme for Ubuntu.

ArchBlu Fluxbox theme:

Incredible wallpapers to go with these themes.

A passenger train winding through the Canadian Rockies:

Rocky Mountains river wallpaper:

Gorgeous mountains photograph:

Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog:×1600.jpg.

Another Golden Gate Bridge fog photograph:×1080.jpg.

Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark, a view from the top of the bridge tower:

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