Setting up Debian 7.0 in VMware, how to install the VMware tools extensions.

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The VMware tools are useful extensions for Debian, that allow a Linux distribution to be more usable in the VMware hypervisor. Use this simple command to install them in Debian 7.0.

[email protected]:/home/homer# apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop

The open-vm-tools-desktop package installs the graphical VMware tools additions that will speed up the desktop and enable the desktop to run at the native resolution of the host.

This will install the VMware tools ready for your next reboot. Type init 6 as root to reboot your Debian computer and enjoy the VMware tools enhancements. You can also install these drivers in FreeBSD 10.0. Just type pkg install open-vm-tools to install them.

Then add this code to the /etc/rc.conf file.


This will enable the VMware tools for FreeBSD.

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