Samsung debuts 16 Gigabyte DDR4 server memory module.

Posted: July 3, 2012. At: 10:24 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 4179
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16 Gigabyte memory module now available.
16 Gigabyte memory module now available.

This is a 16 Gigabyte RDIMM 16 GB DDR4 server memory module that is now available from Samsung. Only problem is that most computer motherboards can only support 32 Gigabytes of RAM, but that means you only need two of these to make that amount of RAM. Surely you could build a very good computer with this. The chips use a 30 Nanometre manufacturing technology, but once the 20 Nanometre technologies are available, a 32 Gigabyte memory module will be available for purchase at a premium price I must add, but this is still pretty awesome. The DDR4 memory modules use less energy than competing DDR3 modules and this is good news for power-hungry computers, especially server machines that are devouring more power than ever. If you had a motherboard that could support 64 Gigabytes of RAM, that is the maximum that Linux currently supports, then you could install four of these and have a massive amount of RAM for video editing and photo manipulation.

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