Russian cybercafe webcam, and how to find more webcams online.

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To find cool webcams with the Google search engine, use this Google search term.

inurl" /view/index.shtml

This is an example I found, this is a Russian cybercafe. Russian cybercafe.

This is another search term.

intext:”MOBOTIX M10″ intext:”Open Menu”

This is one cam I found with it. A view over some houses towards an industrial area.

This is pretty cool, the invention of webcams has made live views of almost the entire world a click away. But there are many webcams that are unsecured that should be password protected. This is a problem, the search engine allows an Internet user to find unsecured webcams, as well as unsecured network drives connected to the Internet and other things such as printers, that allow a malicious user to upload huge documents and waste paper printing 900 pages of irrelevant text or photos. Printers connected to an Internet connected PC should always be checked for security.

Use this Google search term to find online unsecured printers ready to accept print jobs.


This really does work, and it shows how insecure the Internet really is.

Type this into Google to find WordPress database backups.


This gets quite a few hits too…

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