Petition to build a real death star? This is idiotic to say the least.

Posted: December 19, 2012. At: 9:01 AM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5045
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There is a petition put forward for President Obama to build a real life Death Star. This is ludicrous, America is trillions of dollars in debt to other countries and they want the US military to begin construction of a massive 160 KM diameter space station in orbit? What is wrong with these people? The Death Star in the movies was built with unlimited resources and with technological prowess that is far in advance of what we have available on Earth. We could disassemble the moon and use all of the raw materials we could find there to construct such a massive space station, but building the Imperial Superlaser II would not be possible; the power requirements are astronomical. It was capable of blowing an entire planet to fragments, overcoming the gravitational binding force holding the planet together. That is no mean feat by any means. You certainly could not build a laser that powerful with current technological capabilities. But if that is what the people believe is possible then we are on the road to Idiocracy in the 21st century. There are other more pressing matters that we need to worry about than building a fictional space station that could blow up planets. And why could they not put the shield generator on the death star itself? Then the rebels would not have been able to destroy the death star so easily. And why could they not fire at Yavin and destroy the gas giant and then fire to destroy Yavin IV?

That would make good sense; but I guess that destroying such a large planet would not as easy as destroying the smaller moon would be. The power required for the Death Star main laser would have to come from a fusion plant; that is the only way that the main gun could be supplied with enough power to blast apart a planet like Alderaan. But there are not enough resources on the whole planet Earth to build a death star; this is really a moronic idea. America has enough problems with assault weapons and terrorism without spending thousands of trillions of dollars on a giant space station that in reality would not be able to move. But it could fit quite a lot of zero-g apartments for living quarters. If the giant 160 KM diameter sphere was rotating; it could provide earth like gravity at the equator and this would provide those living on it with normal gravity. But a giant ring would make a better space station; it could be easily constructed and then spun up to speed to provide normal gravity for those living on the space station. That is how the space station in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” was designed. That space station had the outer rim with normal gravity and zero-g at the center of the ring. This is just like the idea for a Dominos pizza joint on the moon; who would be the customers? it would cost billions to fly to the moon; that is one expensive pizza indeed. But that must have been a joke. Private enterprise could reach the moon; but it would still be a very expensive trip indeed.

A space station 160 KM in diameter would be prohibitively expensive and this is just a pipe dream. We should worry more about the other problems plaguing America before we go off on a massive spending spree to construct something in space that would require strip mining the moon on a massive scale to build the space station. Better to build a moon base instead; we could burrow into the moon and turn it into a giant fortress if we wanted to. And that would be bigger than the death star. Then you would have essentially a giant space station. The Earth though is a giant spaceship; the Earth is orbiting around the sun, the solar system is orbiting the Milky Way which is in turn traveling through space towards the Andromeda galaxy. Soon the Andromeda galaxy will collide with and pass through the Milky Way galaxy. This will result in the galaxies changing shape as the mutual gravitational attraction of each galaxy pulls on the stars within. Eventually the two galaxies will fuse together forming a single massive galaxy that will be nothing like the galaxy that we inhabit. This will not happen for billions of years though; and due to the fact that the Earth will be uninhabitable for multi-cellular life in 300,000,000 years; it seems that we will only see this if we are inhabiting other planets by then. That is the only way that humanity can survive any apocalypse. Sure the December 21 2012 apocalypse is a non-event; but something could happen in the future and it is important to be prepared for anything that could befall the Earth.

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