New Petya cyber attack targeting insecure Windows machines.

Posted: June 28, 2017. At: 9:41 PM. This was 6 months ago. Post ID: 10872
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Petya cyber attack threatening many Windows machines

Petya cyber attack screen on Windows.
Petya cyber attack screen on Windows.

Petya cyber attack screen on Windows. This is a new version of the Wannacry malware that is targeting insecure Windows machines. Apparently, there was a system that pushed updates to many Windows machines, and the malware was introduced into the updates and therefore spread like wildfire. This is because Windows machines are inherently insecure.

Countries impacted:

  • – Ukraine
  • – Russia
  • – United States
  • – India
  • – Spain
  • – Norway
  • – Denmark
  • – United Kingdom
Petya malware infecting an ATM machine.
Petya malware infecting an ATM machine.

Some more information about the Petya ransomware: Pastebin. There is some information in this pastebin I found that could help stop this on your Windows computer, until the anti-virus companies put out definitions to prevent this.

I do not understand why there is ransomware spreading so fast. With basic security measures, you will not be bothered by this malware at all. Unless the user is downloading files from shady websites, they should not be contracting such dangerous malware. But this is a big thing in the media, they always want to blame Russia for this, when it might have come from somewhere else. Info on possibly stopping the Petya malware:

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